Feed-in Tariff Program

Feed-in Tariff Program

June 22, 2016 - FIT 5 Council Resolution Prescribed Forms and Templates now available

In response to requests from potential applicants, Aboriginal communities and municipalities, the IESO has posted the final FIT 5 versions of a number of Prescribed Forms and Templates, including the municipal council and Aboriginal support resolution templates. This subset of final FIT 5 Prescribed Forms and Templates may be used by potential applicants in advance of the IESO finalizing the remainder of the FIT 5 materials.

These Prescribed Forms and Templates have had minor updates from the FIT 4.0.1 versions, with changes to the instructions, version numbering and which versions of pre-existing resolutions will be accepted in FIT 5. As outlined in the Prescribed Forms and Templates, pre-existing FIT 4.0.1 Municipal Council Support Resolutions, Aboriginal Support Resolutions and Land Use Restriction Exemption Resolutions that remain in effect will be eligible in FIT 5.

These final FIT 5 Prescribed Forms and Templates are available on the Rules and Application Materials page.

The remainder of the FIT 5 Prescribed Forms and Templates will be posted in draft form for review and comment in conjunction with the posting of the draft FIT 5 Rules, Contract and Standard Definitions.

Next Steps
The IESO is continuing its evaluation of the eligible FIT 4.0.2 applications and expects to have contract offers announced in the coming weeks.

Draft FIT 5 Rules, Contract, Standard Definitions and Prescribed Forms (other than those mentioned above) will be available on the Rules and Application Materials webpage in the coming weeks for review and comment.

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