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December 1, 2014: FIT Program Enhancements Being Considered for 2015
On August 29, 2014, the Minister of Energy directed the OPA  to conduct focused stakeholder engagement, in consultation with the Ministry of Energy, to inform potential changes to the FIT Program for implementation in 2015. As a framework for this engagement process, the OPA has posted a discussion paper that outlines proposed enhancements to the FIT Program that are being considered. A similar document outlining proposed microFIT enhancements has also been posted to the microFIT website
Interested parties may submit comments by email to FIT@powerauthority.on.ca by January 23, 2015.
A webinar to discuss both the FIT 2015 Discussion Paper and the microFIT 2015 Discussion Paper was held on December 11, 2014, to provide an overview of the proposed changes, answer stakeholder questions and collect feedback. 
Listen to an archive of the session: www.meetview.com/opa20141211/.
Over the past three years since the Ontario government launched the FIT two-year review, the OPA and the Ministry of Energy have received feedback on aspects of the program that are working well and on other aspects that could be improved upon. Feedback on all program aspects, whether noted in the FIT 2015 Discussion Paper or otherwise, is encouraged and will be considered as the OPA develops the FIT Rules, Contract and other associated documents for use in the 2015 Application Period.
Interested parties should subscribe to the FIT subscriber list to ensure they are kept aware of any updates relating to the FIT Program. Subscribers will be notified of any additional engagement activities on the FIT 2015 Discussion Paper which may be facilitated in early 2015.
We look forward to receiving your feedback.