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FIT Contract and Instructions

The FIT Contract provides the terms and conditions applicable to all FIT projects, as well as renewable fuel specific conditions.

Please note that with the exception of the Prescribed Forms and Prescribed Templates below, draft versions of the FIT 5.0 Prescribed Forms have been posted for comment and can be found, with the feedback form here. For previous versions of the FIT Prescribed Forms, please refer to the Document Archives.

FIT Contract

FIT Contract Execution Instructions

For previous versions of the FIT Contract, please refer to Document Archives.

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Confirmation of Permission to Construct for Rooftop Solar on an Unconstructed Building
Standby Letter of Credit
Secured Lender Agreement (Formerly Exhibit H)
Visual Screening Requirements

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Notice to Proceed
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Aboriginal Participation Declaration

Community Participation Declaration

Municipal or Public Sector Entity Declaration

Domestic Content Report