Transmission Availability Tables

The Transmission Availability Table has been developed to provide a general indication of the electricity system's ability to accommodate new renewable generation projects under the FIT Program. 

The table lists the capacity, in megawatts (MW) and megavolt amperes (MVA), available at each eligible transformer station for connecting new renewable generation projects under the upcoming FIT application period. It also indicates general availability at transformer stations. The values shown are intended only to provide general guidance to applicants. Other technical factors may also be found during the Transmission Availability Test (TAT) or the Distribution Availability Test (DAT) that restrict the amount of generation that can be connected.

The values are based on information available at the time this table was prepared. Updated information will be used when applications are reviewed under the FIT Program TAT and DAT.

Transformer stations and buses shown in dark red have no availability to connect additional generation at this time under the FIT Program. Transformer stations and buses shown in light red have very limited availability for connection due to known upstream transmission issues.

The table also includes area limits. These refer to technical limitations on the bulk transfer of electricity from one section of the province to another. These limits should be noted before you meet with your LDC about connecting your project.

All FIT projects must connect to a distribution system feeder, therefore you need to contact the appropriate LDC to determine which transformer station or distribution station the local network feeds into. The LDC in your area of interest can be identified by using the local distribution company locator tool.

Transmission Availability Table