The information on this website will help you understand the FIT Program and how to submit a FIT Application. Applications are accepted during specified application periods as announced on the FIT website from time to time. Before submitting an application you should carefully read the FIT Rules, Standard Definitions and FIT Contract applicable to the current application period. There are also a number of prescribed forms that will be required as part of your application, as well as guidance materials to assist you. The IESO strongly recommends that you seek professional business, legal and technical advice before investing in any renewable energy project with the expectation of securing a FIT Contract.

The information on this website is not binding on the IESO and is not a substitute for reading and understanding the FIT Rules, Standard Definitions, FIT Contract and various prescribed forms. This website provides a general overview only and does not purport to contain a complete description of the requirements.

To participate in the FIT Program, applicants must be willing to make necessary investments in their facilities, including the connection and metering costs, and bear certain ongoing costs and risks of operation and maintenance. Applicants must be willing to enter into a FIT Contract with the IESO, under which the supplier will be paid for electricity delivered from its generating facility for a long-term payment period, in accordance with the FIT Contract’s terms. 

The IESO encourages Indigenous Community, community, Municipal, School, Hospital, University, public transit services, and Metrolinx projects under the FIT Program and the FIT Rules provide incentives for Projects involving such groups. These rules also provide incentives for Applicants to engage Local Municipalities and Indigenous Communities where Projects are proposed.

Applicants are cautioned that in certain areas of the province it is not currently economically or technically feasible to connect additional generating facilities to a distribution system. For this reason, Projects in these areas that are otherwise eligible to participate in the FIT Program may not be able to obtain a FIT Contract. Applications will be screened for sufficient transmission and distribution availability and if the application does not pass such screening, the application will not be offered a FIT Contract.