FIT Program Pricing

A short description of some of the factors used to determine pricing are listed below.  You are strongly encouraged to review the Price Schedule, FIT Rules, Standard Definitions and FIT Contract, located on the Program Resources page of this website, for full descriptions of the factors used to determine pricing for the program and for your specific project. You can also review our FAQ document to see answers to some commonly asked questions.

Once you have entered into a FIT Contract, and if you bring your generation facility into service by the required milestone date, you will receive a fixed price for the electricity produced over the 20-year term of your FIT Contract (except for waterpower projects, which have 40-year terms).

The prices paid for electricity produced vary according to the renewable energy source used, size of the project and price reduction if selected by the applicant. Factors used to determine pricing include:

  1. FIT Price Schedule
    The price schedule sets out the prices developers will be paid for the renewable energy produced and delivered into the distribution system by their FIT projects. The Base Price applicable to a project is determined by the renewable fuel and contract capacity of the project. These represent the baseline from which the final price is determined, before a price reduction or price adder is included (if applicable).   
  2. Price Adder
    Included in the price schedule are the details surrounding price adders which are available to eligible projects to reflect the higher development, operation and maintenance cost associated with them. The adder is an incremental increase in the price paid per kWh of generation.
  3. Incenting Peak Production
    Technologies that are not intermittent (i.e., dispatchable) are encouraged to shift production to peak periods when the electricity is most needed. Projects that use renewable biomass, biogas, landfill gas or waterpower as their renewable fuel will receive a time-differentiated price under the FIT Contract. This is to encourage these projects to schedule their production during peak hours to the extent practicable.
  4. Price Reduction
    Applicants have the opportunity select a price reduction tier which will reduce the base price by the percentage indicated in the selected tier. Applicants that have selected a price reduction in the Application Form will be eligible to receive price reduction priority points corresponding to the price reduction tier. Please note, applicants must provide an application security payment should they choose a price reduction. The price reduction tiers and corresponding reduction amounts can be found in Section 5 of the FIT Rules.