Eligibility Requirements

You are strongly encouraged to review the FIT Rules, Standard Definitions and Contract, located on the Program Resources page of this website, to determine the eligibility requirements for the program and for your specific project. You can also visit our FAQ document to see answers to some commonly asked questions.

The IESO reviews each application to ensure that it meets the eligibility requirements that are set out in section 2 of the FIT Rules.  This review is completed after the application requirements review and is considered stage 2 of the overall review process. 

To be eligible for the FIT Program, all projects must:

  1. Use one of the following renewable fuels:
    1. Biogas
    2. Renewable biomass
    3. Landfill gas
    4. Solar Photovoltaic
      1. Rooftop solar
      2. Non-rooftop solar
    5. Waterpower
    6. Wind
  2. Be considered a Small FIT Facility

  3. Not have been the subject of a contract relating to the generation of electricity (unless the contract was terminated more than 12 months prior to the date of application)

  4. Not comprise an Incremental Project

  5. Not comprise a Behind-the-Meter Project

  6. Receive at least one Priority Point

  7. Not be the subject of a second Application for the same project that was previously submitted during the same Application Period unless the first Application has been withdrawn

  8. Directly connect to the Distribution System. Projects are no longer permitted to connect directly to the Transmission System

  9. Not have received a Connection Impact Assessment (CIA) prior to submitting an application.  A Project also cannot have received a CIA after its Application is submitted and before the contract is executed

  10. Not be located more than 50 km from its proposed connection point (other than hydro)

  11. Comply with the requirements relating to multiple projects the same Deemed Single Property, which generally means Projects developed by the same Applicant or Applicant Related Person on the same property or properties that abut each other

  12. Have Access Rights to the Site in which the Project will be located. In general, this includes the Applicant holding title, an option that provides contractual rights to acquire title, a lease, or an option or agreement to lease that provides the Applicant the contractual right to build, operate and maintain the Project and the Facility

In addition to the requirements that are mandatory for all renewable fuels, there are eligibility requirements in section 2 of the FIT Rules that are renewable fuel specific. These include:

  • Solar (PV) Projects
    • AC/DC overbuild requirements
  • Non-Rooftop Solar Projects (in addition to the FIT Rules and Standard Definitions, there are guidance documents located on the Program Resources page to assist in understanding the Non-Rooftop Solar Application and Eligibility requirements).
    • Agricultural land use restrictions
    • Residential, commercial and industrial land use restrictions
  • Rooftop Solar Projects on Unconstructed Buildings
    • Building type and design
  • Rooftop Solar Projects
    • Building type and design