Application Requirements

You are strongly encouraged to review the FIT Rules, Standard Definitions and FIT Contract, located on the Program Resources page, to determine the application requirements for the program and for your specific project.  You can also visit review our FAQ document to see answers to some commonly asked questions.

The IESO reviews each application to ensure that it meets the application requirements that are set out in section 3 of the FIT Rules.  This is the first review completed on an application and is considered stage 1 of the overall review process.  The application requirements are used to ensure an application is complete, meaning all necessary materials were submitted and are in the format required, and to substantiate the eligibility requirements from section 2 of the FIT Rules. 

Application requirements include, but are not limited to:

  1. Submission Requirements. These requirements specify the timing and format of an application submission. 

  2. Submission Considerations. These are not requirements, meaning an applicant may proceed to the next stage regardless of whether these considerations are met. These considerations are helpful to the IESO as they make intake and review of the application more streamlined. 

  3. Application Materials. These outline the materials that are required to be submitted in order for an application to be considered substantially complete. These are broken down into materials that are required for all projects and materials that are required for specific types of projects. Some of the material requirements for all projects include:

    1. An electronic application form

    2. An application fee

    3. A prescribed form and, if applicable, supporting evidence, confirming the name and legal status of the applicant

    4. A prescribed form or supporting evidence confirming the applicant has access rights to the site.

Projects that are subject to additional, more specific application requirements include:

  • Projects on provincial Crown lands

  • Waterpower Projects

  • Non-Rooftop Solar Projects (in addition to the FIT Rules and Standard Definitions, there are guidance documents located on the Program Resources page to assist in understanding the Non-Rooftop Solar Application and Eligibility requirements)

  • Rooftop Solar Projects on Existing Buildings

  • Rooftop Solar Projects on Unconstructed Buildings