Contract Management 3.0

This section of the FIT website contains a brief overview of the major milestones necessary for the effective management by the Supplier of a Version 3 FIT Contract (i.e. Version 3.0). 

These milestones include:

  • Contract Acceptance (coming soon)
  • Notice to Proceed (coming soon)
  • Commercial Operation (COD) (coming soon)
  • Post-COD Contract Management (coming soon)
  • Other Contract Issues (coming soon)

Please Note:  This section of the FIT website regarding Contract Management contains only a brief overview of certain matters included in the FIT Contract.  As a result, much of the detail contained in the FIT Contract is not set out in this section.  In addition, this section of the FIT website does not identify the defined terms set out in Appendix 1 – Standard Definitions. 

You are strongly encouraged to review the FIT Contract, including, without limitation,  the FIT Rules and Appendix 1 – Standard Definitions in order to understand the full extent of the contractual provisions and the obligations of a Supplier.

To the extent that there is any inconsistency or conflict between the content of this FIT website and the FIT Contract, the FIT Contract governs. The content of this website is not binding on the OPA and shall have no force, effect or interpretative value.