August 27, 2010 - Program Update

The OPA has received a response from Measurement Canada to its proposal to address in-series connection configurations. The OPA proposal has been assessed by Measurement Canada and was determined to be capable of complying with the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act.

For more information on Measurement Canada’s decision on in-series connected projects, please refer to:

The OPA is undertaking an assessment of a possible implementation plan for the in-series connections proposal in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and the Ontario Energy Board.

For load customers who have in-series connections to FIT or microFIT projects, charges must demonstrate four distinct trade transactions from the two bi-directional meters used to calculate the customer’s electricity usage. Bill presentation is regulated by Ontario Regulation 275/04 and changes to billing systems can be costly. Therefore, more information will need to be collected to understand the full cost of implementing the proposal.

Upon completion, if the implementation plan is justifiable, the plan will be presented to Measurement Canada and the Ontario Energy Board for final review.

The connection of new projects using an in-series configuration will not be permitted until local distribution companies are able to connect in-series customers in compliance with the requirements set out in the accepted proposal.

Please note that if your project is already connected in-series and you have a FIT or microFIT contract, your contract will be honoured by the OPA.